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Latest on Importing Animal Products from the European Union into Great Britain

New Timetable for Controls now been delayed to 1 January 2022 and 1 July 2022.
  • From 1 January 2022, importers (or a representative acting on their behalf) will be required to pre-notify authorities via IPAFFS that their consignment will be entering Great Britain
  • From 1 July 2022, animal products will need to continue to pre-notify their arrival via IPAFFS

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Update on Animal Health Regulation - Export Health Certificates for the EU DELAYED

“The EU has confirmed a delay to when traders must start to use the new Export Health Certificates (EHCs).
The new Animal Health Regulation (AHR) EHCs were due to be used from 21 August 2021 for goods moved to Northern Ireland or exported to the EU. However, the EU has confirmed a delay to the date the new EHCs must be signed until 15 January 2022. This includes EHCs for all products of animal origin, live animals, germinal products and composite products.
The EU’s proposal will mean that current EHCs signed before 15 January 2022 can be used until 15 March 2022 for goods on route to the EU. Changes to the rules for the certification of composite products which took effect in April 2021 continue to apply”.

Extension to grace period for continued acceptance of EU model health certificates in UK- OV NOTICE

Confirming that on 25th June there was an updated OV notice confirming further extension of the grace period within which time EU model certificates will continue to be accepted for imports of products from non-EU countries from 30th June to 30th September 2021.
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March 12, 2021 - UK News/Defra Provides New Timeline for Border Control Processes on Import of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Goods from the EU   

December 29, 2020 - Defra Webinars Available  

Introduction of Export Health Certificates  (EHCs)
Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS)

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December 23, 2020 - EU Guidance Note: Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU Rules in the Field of Customs, Including Preferential Origin

December 21, 2020 - Locating Export Health Certificates for Technical Product (ABP):  UK-EU

Go to the online EHC finder and select ‘EU’ as the country and then type ‘blood’ into the search box and click on the magnifying glass you should get this search result 

December 8, 2020 - Register Now for IPAFFS for High Risk Feed and Feel not of Animal Origin

See the document received from Defra along with links to video tutorial and Quick Reference Guide.
Read info from Defra
Quick Reference Guide

December 2, 2020 - Israel: New Certificate for Blood for Technical Uses for All Species

Israel has agreed to a universal certificate covering whole blood, blood components and/or blood products for technical use only from all species. This new certificate consolidates and replaces the four previous certificates for the export of various blood products to Israel. Specifically, these included bovine and ovine/caprine blood products for technical uses, blood products derived from rodents and lagomorphs for technical uses, and blood from laboratory animals including non-human primates for laboratory use only.  
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October 21, 2020 - IPAFFS - System for Import of Animal Products into Great Britain/Important Dates and Information

The European Commission has decided NOT to transition to TRACES NT in early September; they are reviewing and setting a new timeline.

August 28, 2020 - 131 Top Forms Online Submission Only - Export Health Certificates (3rd countries)

This is a reminder that you should no longer be submitting applications by email for any of the top 131 most commonly used Export Health Certificates and you should instead be using EHC Online.  
Reference Guides
     Export health Certificates Available 
     EHC Online Manage Access
     Guidance of Exporters to Manage EHC App
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ANNOUNCEMENT - Switch to IPAFFS for POAO/CHED-P import notifications on 7 Sept 2020

Those responsible for load - Switch to IPAFFS for POAO/CHED-P import notifications on 7 Sept 2020

Notice on Live Animal Import and Transit Permits
 Effective Immediately  

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