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  • ISIA Annual Meeting

    We have an Important announcement regarding the 2022 ISIA Annual Meeting
    From Dr. Rosemary Versteegen,    ISIA CEO

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  • Confused by Import / Export Regulations with the EU?

    Moving freight around the world is ever more difficult and expensive. The last thing you need is problems with your import/export paperwork for the shipment of animal derived material.
    The ISIA, working together with Medtech Europe, has just completed a full revision of our Guidance on the movement of product into, through and out of the EU. This Guidance is focused on serum and animal derived products only and has clear directions on what you need to do. This will be available shortly to members only.
    For immediate information, please see the revised 1069/142 FAQ’s located on the Regulatory page of the website

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  • Latest on Importing Animal Products from the European Union into GB

    New Timetable for Controls now been delayed to 1 January 2022 and 1 July 2022.
    From 1 January 2022, importers (or a representative acting on their behalf) will be required to pre-notify authorities via IPAFFS that their consignment will be entering Great Britain
    From 1 July 2022, animal products will need to continue to pre-notify their arrival via IPAFFS

    To learn more and for additional regulatory news, click below
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International Serum Industry Association

Members of the International Serum industry Association are collectors, processors and users of animal serum and animal derived products. These products are used extensively in the growth of cells in culture for research and in the production of diagnostic kits, vaccines and biotherapeutic molecules.

The ISIA Mission


ISIA shall establish, promote and assure compliance with uncompromised standards of excellence and ethics in the business practices of the global animal serum and animal derived products supply industry.

Safety and Safe Use

Our primary focus will continue to be on safety and safe use of serum and animal derived products through proper origin traceability, and truth in labeling, and appropriate standardization and oversight.


We will work to educate stakeholders on the scientific foundation of the safe use of serum and animal derived products.

Why Get ISIA Traceability Certification?

Dr. Rosemary Versteegen explains in this video.

ISIA Presentations

9th Annual Biologics World Taiwan 2021 - Dr. Rosemary Versteegen
September 8-9, 2021

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