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ISIA Mission

ISIA shall establish, promote and assure compliance with uncompromised standards of excellence and ethics in the business practices of the global animal serum and animal derived products supply industry.
Our primary focus will be on safety and safe use of serum and animal derived products through proper origin traceability, and truth in labeling, and appropriate standardization and oversight.
We will also work to educate stakeholders on the scientific foundation of the safe use of serum and animal derived products.

Planning For Our Future

ISIA continues to implement an extensive Strategic Planning Initiative focused on four key areas.
ISIA is working to harmonize technical standards, testing methods, and import/export documents to increase transparency of the industry in a manner that is globally embraced by regulators and end-users.
ISIA is working to proactively educate those involved with our products about our industry, and our Association.
ISIA is working to interpret regulations, participate in the development of new regulations affecting our industry, and strengthen our position as resource and liaison with global regulatory agencies.
ISIA is working to continually improve, promote, and manage the ISIA Traceability Program. Additionally, ISIA is working to strengthen the Traceability Program in the future by researching the applicability of quantitative methods and new technologies to the Serum industry.

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