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The Regulatory Team continually monitors world-wide regulations that affect the serum industry.  We post important information we receive first to LinkedIn with a link to this website.  

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TWO NEW REGULATIONS FROM DEFRA:  Smarter Rules for Safer Food

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BREAKING NEWS: Defra Webex presentations - links below

We recently contacted you about the official controls and plant health regulations that come into effect from 14 December this year. They are part of a wider set of changes being introduced across the EU under the Smarter Rules for Safer Food (SRSF) package, replacing 70 existing European directives and regulations to modernise and improve plant health, animal health and food safety standards across the agri-food chain.

The regulations will apply regardless of the final Brexit scenario – so it is important that your members are ready for them.

Due to popular demand we have scheduled four further live WebEx presentation dates on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 December. Please note that the content will not have changed from the previous presentations so if you have already attended one of our events you do need to attend.


11:30 –

15:30 -


10:30 –

14:00 –

The webinars explain the SRSF regulations in more detail and will help you understand the steps necessary to comply.

Please circulate the details of the webinars to your members.

As part of the SRSF changes a new pre-notification system will be used to replace the current version of TRACES, we are also running workshops to demonstrate the new system and you can register for these here.

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DEFRA Import and Export Newsletter - 

ISIA, as an important "Stakeholder" for serum import and export, is now receiving newsletters from DEFRA regarding BREXIT.  As each issue arrives we will post it here on the ISIA website and LinkedIn.         
Issue #1 -  8 August, 2019    
Issue #2 -  9 September, 2019
     Process Map Exporting Meat of Animal Origin
Issue #3 -  24 September, 2019
Issue #4 - 8 October, 2019
Issue #5 - 15 Ocotober, 2019
Changes in trade of animals and animal products from December 14, 2019 - action required
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Press Releases

UK secures 'listed status' to protect £5bn export market
USDA Risk Assessment - Phase 2 is under way!
Country of Origin vs Source-  We are finally in a position to determine the actual geographic SOURCE of the material as distinct from Country of Origin - ie: the country where the last substantial and irreversible transformation took place.  Your regulatory team is investigating this with a view to devise some satisfactory definitions as industry benchmarks.

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