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Membership Benefits

  • ISIA has developed strong relationships with regulators and associations worldwide. As a member of ISIA, you will benefit from ISIA's global connections and obtain relevant information at an early stage!
  • ISIA has developed a global network of contacts that share information and look to ISIA for advice on our industry.
  • ISIA Membership will help you make better and faster decisions, and save you time and resources. Your password protected entree to the members-only section of the website gives you easy access to a wide variety of information relating to ongoing and past ISIA activities and global regulations.
  • ISIA is proactive, holding regular meetings with regulatory groups and often receiving information prior to it being made available to the general public. Members receive continual updates, and are frequently asked for comments on regulations prior to their implementation, thus allowing specific concerns to be heard and addressed.
  • ISIA provides summaries of complex legislation for its members, developing guidance that can save you the time and costs associated with problem shipments. Due to ISIA's continuous communication, our network of regulators and industry contacts can help resolve member issues quickly.
  • ISIA membership introduces you to a strong network, enabling you to exchange best practices and views on key issues of interest to our industry. Volunteer for one of our active committees and help to influence the future regulatory environment by sharing information, pooling resources and dealing with issues of common interest.



ISIA offers three types of membership.  Please review the differences between Regular and Associate Membership below and decide in which category your company falls.  

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP (voting) is available to companies and groups actively engaged in the collection, sale, distribution, and processing of serum and animal derived products.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (non-voting) is available to individuals, companies, universities, research institutions, government agencies and other organizations engaged in ancillary activities and in supportive functions but not actively engaged in the collection, sale, distribution, and processing of serum and animal derived products.
INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (non-voting) is available to interested independent individuals who are NOT actively engaged in the collection, sale, distribution, and processing of serum and other animal by-products and derived products as defined in the ISIA  Bylaws. These memberships will not be accepted from individuals who are otherwise eligible for another membership category and/or belong to, or represent in any way, an entity that is otherwise eligible for another membership category.

Overview of ISIA 

Benefits of ISIA Membership


TO APPLY FOR ANY TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP - please download and complete these two forms:

ISIA Membership Application

ISIA New Member Information Form

Email both of these completed forms to: Kathryn Pagani-Lee at kpaganilee@serumindustry.org     


ISIA CODE OF MEMBER ETHICS - all ISIA regular members are required to sign our Code of Member Ethics

ISIA Code of Member Ethics

ISIA CODE OF BUSINESS PRACTICES - all ISIA members are required to comply with our Code of Business Practices

ISIA Code of Business Practices



Dues for Regular members are a set percentage of self-reported serum revenues

Associate Members dues are set at a flat fee of US $5820.00 per year.

         Individual Member dues are set a a flat fee of US $600 per year.

Membership Dues Assessment Explanation for Regular Members 

Use this link to pay membership dues!

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