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Our 1st ever ISIA virtual annual meeting will take place on April 20, 21 & 22, 2021. 

The theme of this meeting is:
The Evolving Role of ISIA Within the Serum Industry

We have booked some exciting speakers that focus on subjects that are of particular interest to our members and serum community.  Our agenda and registration information will be available soon.  If you are already on our contact list - you will receive this important information by email. 

If not, please contact us at info@serumindustry.org, to ensure we can share the information about our meeting with you.

Register Here for our Annual Meeting
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General Information about our Annual Meetings

The ISIA Annual Meeting is a chance for ISIA members, regulatory agencies, and others in the serum industry to meet and discuss current issues facing the industry.  Our guest speakers come from all over the world to bring ISIA up to date on current and new serum industry initiatives.  We also have speakers from many of the global regulatory agencies who provide the latest changes in regulatory policy and take questions from our attendees.  

You can count on the meeting addressing:

  • Regulatory matters that are impacting the industry now and in the future
  • Industry trends from a supplier and user's prospective
  • New programs/ technologies that are driving improvements 
  • Key opinion leaders talking about the dynamics of serum and related industries
  • Serum based scientific breakthroughs that drive change for the better

In addition, ISIA presenters from or strategic planning teams update the attendees on our initiatives undertaken on behalf of the serum industry.

These updates will include:

  • The ISIA Traceability Certification Program and it's impact on, and use by customers and regulatory agencies
  • Our progress in standardizing the terms, testing methods and processes used in the industry
  • The regulatory topics that the team is addressing that underscore current and future issues.

The best part of all this is that as an interested party you can participate in the meeting at a reduced cost.  A large majority of our members attend the Annual Meeting each year.  Our members are our best ambassadors and will be happy to discuss membership benefits with you if you want to "test the waters" before taking the step to join.  Our annual meetings rotate continents - the Americas, Europe, Asia, & Australia - so that we encompass global input and interest at the meetings.

We think it is important for our attendees, to be able to connect and network with each other in a less formal setting.  One of the highlights of the meeting is our annual receptions and dinner.  The event is usually held at a restaurant  within walking distance of our meeting venue to make make going to this event easy for our attendees.  This is an excellent opportuntiy to meet others from our group in a more relaxed setting and have a wonderful dinner as well.

So join us next year, and every year, to stay connected and informed.

To be notified of our Annual Meeting Registration - email   info@serumindustry.org  

A few presentation topics from our annual meeting in Lisbon included:

  • Does the Quality of FBS Affect My Experiments?
  • Mycoplasma Testing: Is Your Test Fit for Purpose?
  • Charles River Horseshoe Crab Conservation?
  • Ethical Concerns in the Use of Human Serum for OECD Test Guidelines:  How ISIA Can Help!

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