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In Memoriam - Stephen A Judd (1965-2022)

All of us within the International Serum Industry Association family are deeply saddened by the passing of Stephen A. Judd on March 2, 2022.
As Chief Financial Officer for the International Serum Industry Association from 2006 to 2019 and Chair of the ISIA Board from 2019, Steve’s contributions to our association have been immeasurable. We will miss his warmth, humor, tenacity, and wisdom. Steve’s fellow board and committee members will especially miss the passion and candor he showed during many spirited discussions since the inception of the International Serum Industry Association.
The International Serum Industry Association occupied a special place in Steve’s heart, and we were all fortunate to benefit from Steve’s integrity, selflessness, and ability to put the betterment of the industry before commercial interests.
Steve is survived by his wife of 34 years, Jill, and their three children, Caitlyn, Alex, and Conner.
Our community is much richer thanks to the myriad of contributions and dedication of Steve Judd. There will never again be anyone quite like Steve. He will be missed.
Services will be planned for some time in the future. ISIA will provide details when available.

“I have many lovely memories of my times with Steve and his family, both working and on holidays we had together. On one trip to Italy we ‘lost’ Caity while we were in a supermarket only to find her in the road, painting white lines with an Italian work crew who were finding the whole experience hysterical. My memories are of laughter and fun. Steve and I shared a sense of humor and giggled about everything, not always at appropriate moments. My thoughts are with Jill and the family.” Jenny Murry, Life Science Group

"I consider Steve a dear friend. We have known each other for 15 years and worked very closely together through ISIA and business. I loved his warmth, friendliness, and straight forward approach to everything. With Steve you never had to wonder what he thought as he would share his feelings and even if you didn’t agree on everything he would always treat you the same, with kindness and respect. He had a great sense of humor and we would love to joke around with each other. He has a great love for Jill and his kids. He built a great business that was founded on hard work, integrity, and a desire to be the best and do the best at whatever he was doing. He will be missed by me and my colleagues that have always considered him as part of our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jill and his family at this time." Brian Lewis, Avantor
“I met Steve 17 years ago at the very first ISIA meeting. We a had bromance from the start! We would always have time to talk and catch up and there were always hugs involved when we would see each other in person. I have had the pleasure to work with Steve over the years on ISIA traceability. I most recently spent time with him and Jill on the 18th of February. His thoughts and perspective were always clear and concise and there was never a question on his positron on any topic nor his ability to listen to others for the greater good of the ISIA. Steve will be missed not only from a business perspective but as a true friend and a really great guy. My thoughts and prayers are will Jill and the family during this time.” Kent Treichler

Steve was my mentor, confidante, boss, and friend.  People like Steve are rare in this world.  He had the ability to guide, negotiate, and soothe egos while all the time creating an atmosphere of openness and candor that made working with him such a pleasure.  His ability to make me laugh when things were crazy was always so appreciated. I have so many great memories working closely with Steve especially during the ISIA annual meetings.  Probably the one I remember the most is when we were in Barcelona.  The dinner had just concluded, and we had some young meeting attendees who were not ready to call it a night.  Steve and I had stayed to satisfy the bill and then “herded” the others back to the hotel with a few stops along the way for additional adult beverages.  After a lot of laughing, we did get them back to the hotel.  It is hard to imagine this world without Steve.  My hope is that sweet memories replace the grief Jill and Steve’s family and friends are now experiencing.  Julia Hoffmann, former ISIA Executive Assistant

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